Tish Fallis- owner, creative designer, photographer

Hi, I'm Tish.   The hair is real...I tell everyone it's a mid-life crisis but rather it has turned into a signature trademark.   I am the wife of one, mother of two, Grammz of five... I had a full time , 29 year career with Verizon Wireless that ended 6/29/18.  Yes, I retired!

Photography started in 2009.  Eleven years later I am humbled by each phone call, text message, email inquiring about how I can meet your photography needs.  "I'm so glad you happened to me" is my catch phrase and it's stamped, eye level on the door exiting my studio....and I mean it!

I love this!  I love the planning, the details, the time spent with clients, the lessons learned during each session.  The day I don't learn and love, I will put the camera down. 

Feel free to look around.  Ask questions.   I can be reached at 501.351.7566 or at tish.fallis@gmail.com

I get a lot of feedback in studio from clients.  Always asking "what could I do differently or better to make you want to come back"?   I canvased clients to find what the main factor is that helps them decide who to choose as their photographer.  I've incorporated their feedback into my business model.   I'll shoot, edit and load your gallery.  The rest is up to you.  My prices are reasonable.  No pressure sales calls, no last minute discounts to entice, no gallery reveal appointment.  My thought's, if you want your photos you'll buy, if you don't..... okay.    People change from the moment the shutter releases.  I want you to be able to afford to come back again and again, have a great experience and without hesitation know that my customer service is top priority.  I once had a peer ask me "why don't you....." my reply, "I don't have to".   Doing the right thing for the right reason... delivering on visions, making it affordable....my business model is exactly that, mine.  I handle all my own edits.  I have no interest in being the biggest or having the highest number of followers. Simplicity for my clients, great experience and quality end product.  a little edgy.

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