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Tish Fallis- owner, creative designer, photographer

Hi, I'm Tish.   The hair is real...I tell everyone it's a mid-life crisis but rather it has turned into a signature trademark.   I am the wife of one, mother of two, Grammz of four... I have a full time , 29 year career with Verizon Wireless.  

Photography started in 2009.  My shooting partner for weddings..my son, Blake Vickers.

Eight years later I am humbled by each phone call, text message, email inquiring about how I can fulfill  your photography needs.  "I'm so glad you happened to me" is my catch phrase and it's stamped, eye level on the door exiting my studio....and I mean it!

I love this!  I love the planning, the details, the time spent with clients, the lessons learned during each session.  The day I don't learn and love, I will put the camera down. 

Feel free to look around.  Ask questions.   I can be reached at 501.351.7566 or at tish.fallis@gmail.com

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